Defend & Protect your Indoor Space
with our Medical-Grade Air Purifiers

Keep your business thriving by creating a pure and healthy indoor space.

Our air purifiers are designed with patented technology effective at capturing 40x smaller particles that HEPA, removing 99.99% of particulates at .007 microns.

Eliminating dangerous airborne toxins such as:

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    Dangerous Microorganisms that can cause infectious diseases – things like viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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    Ultra-fine particles that cause allergic reactions – like pollen, dust, mites, dust mite feces, and dust.

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    Volatile Organic Compounds that can cause short and long term health effects. Things like paint, solvents, aerosol sprays and cleansers.

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Award Winning, Medical Grade Air Purifiers

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Hero 250

Award-winning and powerful, portable unit for small to medium spaces.

Our Hero 250 medical-grade air purifier was developed through a U.S. Military grant combating germ warfare along with our patented Disinfecting Filtration System, which revolutionizes the air cleaning and filtration process.

Spartan 950

Powerful and mobile, for medium to large open spaces

The Spartan 950’s revolutionary technology traps microorganisms such as bacteria, mold & viruses. Proven to capture 99.99% of all particles as small as .007 microns in size and is 40x more powerful than HEPA, which ensures your workplace air stays pure and clean.

Viking 2000

Big and strong, able to be retrofitted with current HVAC system

Our Viking 2000 point of entry medical-grade air purifier uses revolutionary patented DFS filtration technology to circulate fresh, contaminate free, air throughout your entire workplace. Make your business stand out, provide the healthiest environment possible.

Ninja 100

Tiny but mighty, portable, & designed for small spaces.

The Ninja 100 air purifier was designed for small office use. It uses the same advanced, patented technology that makes Island Pure air purifiers world leaders in air quality.


Just a 20–50% reduction in Sick Building Syndrome symptoms will bring and annual economic benefit of $10 – $30 billion.
An improvement in indoor air quality results in an 8-10% boost in work productivity.
Employees perform 61% better in a good indoor office environment.
Studies show a 35% reduction in Acute Respiratory Illness (ARI) among employees in offices with higher ventilation rates, cleaner air, reduced space sharing, or exposure of air with ultraviolet light.
Productivity gain from an annual cost of ARI is $6 – $14 billion.

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You can also rest assured that our amazing Island Pure Technicians will handle your air purifier’s maintenance. All you, your employees, and customers have to do is enjoy clean pure indoor air.

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