Your tap water is hiding harmful contaminants. Your Water is Effecting Your Health

You’ve got great taste, which for water means no taste. Just clear, clean refreshment, one pour at a time. Island Pure has the planet’s best water on tap for you 24/7.

One day your team is talking about how they’re helping the planet. The next they’re talking about how fresh the water tastes. There’s one thing they all agree on: how they love how they feel drinking alkaline water that’s full of electrolytes and charged clean with 03 technology.

They’re also talking about how they can’t believe someone used to carry water bottles up all those stairs.​


The Ferrari of water coolers has a Volkswagen price tag.

Give yourself a boost with the new 3i[+]! The industry-leading water purification system now satisfies America’s trending thirst for enhanced water. Pure Water Technology’s 3i[+] incorporates a fifth BOOST filter for the purest pH balanced
and electrolyte enhanced water in the marketplace today. It’s the Fresher, Healthier, Purer choice!

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    Boost Productivity
    Produces energy allowing employees to achieve more in a day’s work.
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    Boost Performance
    Transports oxygen to all areas of the body, helping employees perform at an optimal level.
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    Boost Health
    Provides essential nutrients the body needs to stay healthy, preventing employee illness.
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    Boost Attendance
    Results in healthier employees with less trips to the doctor and more days in the office.

Our competitors are slimy.

Okay, they might be really nice folks, but their water coolers are literally filled with slimy, green guck. They don’t have what our Pure Water Technology Coolers have. It’s called ATS – Auto Tank Sanitization. ATS eliminates any microbial contamination, which does two things at once: it spotlessly sanitizes your holding tank and leaves our competition green with envy.


Want to know what else its happening to your water in the ATS process?

It’s getting oxygenated. This patented process delivers FRESHNESS YOU CAN TASTE.


Alkaline water is a water with a higher pH balance, meaning it´s far more basic then it is acidic. But the results from drinking are also as basic as common sense. Alkaline water helps to neutralize acid in the bloodstream which in turn gives us increased oxygen levels and improves energy and metabolism. It also contains antioxidant properties which help with anti-aging and anti-disease.

They’re a reason our clients (a few with “Dr.” in font of their names) have given Pure Water Technology Coolers another name. They call them “Fountains of Youth”.


WTF is a WT guy? Good question – a WT Guy is a Water Technology Guy (or Girl). Every Pure Water Technology Cooler from Island Pure comes with it’s own on-call Water Technologist to assist all things water related. Here’s the best part: our WT guy’s average response time on service calls – from call to arrival – is in under 1 day. They’re all hand-picked to be friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about your water.​​



Everyone knows plastic is a human-made, toxic substance that’s choking the rivers and filling the ocean and slowly killing the planet. We’re not going to beat you over the head with it.

It´s all a choice. Island Water is going to give you a choice, right now, for all of your office drinking water solutions. Not only is it easy, but it’s better for you, your staff and the planet. All you have to do is hit the button below for a FREE trial of your own Pure Water Technology water cooler. It’s a water cooler that doesn’t require plastic bottles, and works even better than your old machine. At the press of a button, healthier, fresher, cleaner and easier water is at your fingertips. Plus you don’t need to lug and store the big blue plastic bottles in your break room. This’ll give you a lot more room to um…maybe…breakdance? Don’t laugh – because that’s how good you’ll feel knowing your drinking the best water the world has to offer and saving the planet at the same time. Here’s the kicker: you’ll also be saving up to 50% versus bottled water. Breakdance-worthy indeed.

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Try Island Pure absolutely Free and see for yourself why people are saying it’s the best on the planet!


We’d love a chance to test your water, and find a solution for you and your office  that will keep you and your staff  drinking the best water, and living each day with the piece of mind that your water, and your office , have been given the ISLAND PURE OFFICE seal of approval.

You can also rest assured that our amazing ISLAND PURE technicians will also handle all of the maintenance, so all you and your staff have to do is enjoy your pure water- is pour a glass.

We’ve been passionate about workplace health wellness for over a decade, and our proven track record and consistent business growth speaks volumes.

Everyone who works for us loves what they do and loves how they do it – it’s easy to love a company, where the goal is to help our customers live and work pure – and as we like to say about the offices and homes we get to help each day — it’s clearly working.

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