Premium medical-grade air purification systems, sanitary water dispensers, & more. Boost Productivity & Promote Better Health with Island Pure's Bio-solutions. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Air Purification Systems Improve employee productivity with pure and healthy indoor air. Sanitary bottle-free water dispensers, touchless features available. Pure Technology Water Cooler The planet's purest water, located in your workplace.

Medical-grade Air Purifiers for A Productive Workplace

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that indoor air pollution, commonly called sick building syndrome, costs businesses $60 billion annually due to lost productivity.

Our high-quality air purification systems filter these contaminants at the highest levels. Cleaner air means healthier employees, which means fewer sick days and more productive days.

The World’s Most Sanitary Water Dispenser

It’s no secret the water cooler can be a breeding ground for bacteria, our patented technology inhibits bacteria growth on the inside and outside the dispenser, along with keeping your team hydrated with the purest pH-balanced and electrolyte enhanced water, all without the hassle of plastic water bottles.

Touchless features are now available.

Every Air Purification System & Pure Water Technology Cooler comes with it’s own on-call Island Pure Technologist. From call to arrival, the average response time on service calls is in under 1 day.

They’re all hand-picked to be friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about biosafety.

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